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Our Mission

Our mission is comprised of a team of artists who believe that beauty is an expression of one’s self. Our aim is brought to life by continued education on the latest trends and styles so that we can fulfill individual needs and exceed expectations. Our mission is to provide you with superior service and professional hair care in an atmosphere that is personable and modern.

Meet Our Team


Lorraine Fred

Owner | Master Stylist, Microblading Technician

Lorraine’s love for hair began at an early age. While some played with dolls, she could often be found styling her own hair and then practicing those new looks on her little sister. She began approaching hair with a sense of adventure and purpose after her mother passed away when she was 11 years old. “My sister and I have really curly hair and it was always hard to find someone who could make our hair look beautiful,” says Lorraine, “I had to learn how to do that at a very young age. Now I love working with curly hair - it’s one of my specialities!”

Lorraine embarked on her styling journey in 1988. It’s no surprise her hard working, tenacious, and creative personality earned her a following; in 2000, she opened the doors to Lorraine’s House of Styles in her beloved hometown - Hoboken - and never looked back. Lorraine is inspired by the seasons and fashion, but her biggest muse comes from the energy she receives from you. When you sit down with her, she will take the time to get to know you and your home hair care routine. She’ll ask you questions like - What do you love about your hair? What do you want to change? Do you use hot tools or air dry? and more. She says, “I also ask them to bring inspirational photos, maybe a favorite photo of themselves or favorite photos of different cuts and colors they love. Everyone is different and everyone has a different lifestyle.”

Lorraine has a way of making you feel like a guest in her home. She believes in working hard and playing hard, doesn’t take herself seriously, and consistently delivers seriously amazing results. She is selfless and genuine, and truly cares for every person who sits in her chair and enters her life. When Lorraine isn’t beautifying her clients, educating stylists, or backstage at New York Fashion Week, she enjoys spending time with her loved ones and close friends. “I love a good game night,” says Lorraine, “and delish wine and cheese nights at my house!” She keeps her zen by practicing yoga, reading, and catching up on ‘me time’.

Lorraine is a #bossbabe - follow her on Instagram to keep up with her and see what she’s up to next!

Lorraine’s Favorites:

● Hair and Makeup Trends: ○ A clean specialty updo - “I love to pay attention to details so I’d say my favorite is something clean and crisp - a picture perfect updo.” ○ Hair cutting and big transformations - “I love the feeling someone gets when I had something to do with helping them look beautiful and like their absolute best!”

Technique: Microblading - “The way someone feels and looks from adding eyebrows, especially those who didn’t have brows before microblading, is life changing. The feeling that they have and the positive energy they give due to boosting their self-confidence is priceless.” ● Tools and Products: So many! - “Hair cutting and texturizing razors, swivel sheers, Twin Turbo Ceramic Ionic 3900 blow dryer, my round brushes, and all my texturizing, volumizing, and smoothing products from Redken.”

Qualifications Lorraine is a Licensed Cosmetologist with over 30 years of experience. She has continually educated and perfected her craft, and has earned many certifications along the way including Xtreme Eyelash Technician and Ouidad Specialist (to name a few). Recently, she was called upon by Redken USA and became a certified Redken Educator. When she is not educating her team at LHS, she travels to other Redken salons to share her skills in color, corrective and creative color, cut, and styling.



Senior Stylist

Born in France to a talented family, Lucie has always had a passion for the arts and creativity. Not only is she fluent in French, she was a professional cellist who performed at Carnegie Hall twice prior to joining the beauty industry! Lucie is accomplished, but she needed something more and looked to cosmetology. “I chose cosmetology because I’ve always had an interest in beauty. I wanted the opportunity to help people feel beautiful and enrich people’s lives every day while also fueling my artistic side,” she says. Lucie takes the time to get to know you and gives you her undivided attention. “I have a thorough consultation to get an exact idea of what my client wants,” she notes, “I want to know who they are, what their lifestyle is like, and what their hair goals are. Each cut, color, and style is uniquely created for that individual.” Lucie draws her inspiration from fashion and everyday life around her. Her styles are organic, personalized, and dynamic.

When Lucie isn’t helping her clients be their best self, you can find her clipped into a bike in a dark spin studio working on her instructor certification. She also enjoys her down time, too, and loves cooking, taking naps, and watching tv with her two cats -Timmy and Pickle.

Follow Lucie on Instagram to see her work - c’est magnifique!

Lucie’s Favorites: Hair and Makeup Trends: “I absolutely love extreme transformations and vivids. I also love blondes and platinum blondes. The challenge of a color correction or transformation is my favorite!”

Technique: Foiling - “Gone are the days of old fashioned highlights; foils can be used to achieve so many bright and dimensional looks and give me so much control over premium color services.”

Qualifications Lucie is a Licensed Cosmetologist certified in Redken Cut & Know Why 2, Redken City Beats and Blur Technique, Redken Balayage with Flaunt, Elan Lash Extensions, Brazilian Blowout, Ouidad Curl Specialist, and Minky’s Russian Volume. She joined the LHS team in 2015.


Elizabeth Betancourt

Professional Makeup Artist + Master Lash Technician

Elizabeth’s career has always been inspired by the saying - Do something you love and you will never work a day in your life. “Other people’s happiness is what inspired me to become a makeup artist and esthetician,” she says, “Anyone who knows me, professionally and personally, knows that I love making people feel beautiful about themselves by doing their makeup, lashes, skincare, and giving beauty advice.”

Elizabeth - who looks to fashion, new styles, and ever-changing trends to draw inspiration - is a true artist focused not only on the application, but also on improving the quality of her client’s skin. You’ll love her for her vivacious personality, her compassion, and her drive to tackle challenges head on. “I listen to my clients, learn what they want, and execute that. I acknowledge their needs and their time,” says Elizabeth, “It is important to get to know each client because everyone has a different facial structure. It is my job to make them feel beautiful and allow them to feel like the best version of themselves. I treat every client as I would want to be treated.” When she isn’t helping others look and feel their best, she loves spending time with her family and young son, crocheting, and painting. She adds, “Painting on a living canvas is incredible because it’s a different vision with every person having different tones, textures, shapes, and more...keeps my imagination going!”

Check out Elizabeth’s Masterpieces on Instagram.

Elizabeth’s Favorites: Technique: Blending - blending helps to give a natural looking application to get a flawless finish and is what separates the beginners from the professionals.

Tool: Her makeup brushes - “I have spent years picking out my favorite brushes and what works best,” says Elizabeth, “It’s probably the most money I have invested in a makeup kit thus far!”

Qualifications Elizabeth studied at the Parisian Beauty Academy, The International Dermal Institute, and Dermatologica. She is a Licensed Skin Care Specialist (2014) and Certified Lash Specialist (2018). She joined the LHS team in 2019.


Krista Melendez

Junior Stylist

Krista is an emerging, new talent who set her sights on the beauty industry at an early age. “Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always wanted to be a hairdresser,” she says, “Making others feel beautiful brings me so much joy!” Krista is passionate about everything in life, and her friendly, light-hearted personality is what makes her a client-favorite.

Krista’s work is influenced by your personal vision; her magic is how she works with you to achieve the style your seeking while staying true to her own, unique creativity. “I make sure I let my clients know exactly what they need to know about their hair - starting with what they can expect on the day of the service and ending with what they need to maintain their look to last in between visits,” says Krista, “Before they leave the salon, each client is aware of how often they should be visiting the salon for their next service.” When Krista isn’t behind the chair at LHS, she enjoys spending time with her family and obsessing over elephants.

Check out the highlights of Krista’s work on Instagram.

Krista’s Favorites: ● Tool or Product: Schwarzkopf Blonde Me, Marcel Iron ● Technique: Foilyage, Teasy Lights & Color Melting


Krista is a Licensed Cosmetologist. She joined the LHS team in 2018.